About our Coffees

We roast our specialty coffees slowly and carefully in the drum, so the many aromas of the coffees develop well. Thanks to this prolonged roasting, our coffees also have a low acidity content.

In addition, we roast our coffees neither too light nor too dark - in any case, always between the first and second crack. In this way, we optimally balance our coffees between pleasant acidity, maximum aroma, strong body and pleasant aftertaste.

Our coffees are also certified as kosher by the Lisbon Jewish Community.

What our customers say

I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your coffee and I would like some more before I leave back to Spain.
(Elena, 23.10.2022)

You are like a drug dealer!
(Miguel Rebelo, July 2021)

[...] My wife is also very enthusiastic about your coffee! For her, it was the French Press. I have to drink some down now, which may take a while, after all I enjoy cup after cup.
(Antonino Zambito, 23.07.2023)

I'm looking forward to the new varieties! Since I've had your coffee, I've been looking forward to my cup every morning😊.
(Volker Weber, 25.07.2022)

All the coffees we've tried so far are delicious and of great quality. It's a pleasure to wake up in the morning, grind the coffee and have the aroma spread through the house. Thank you very much.
(Euan Rodrigues, 19.04.2022)