Timor Leste - Espresso Roast
Timor Leste - Espresso Roast
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Timor Leste - Espresso Roast

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Our specialty coffee from the coffee country of East Timor. It is a 100 percent (100%) Arábica from the Emera region, grown at an altitude of about 1,600 metres. It scores 83.5 points in the SCA classification. 

The two excellent varieties Typica e Catimor (a crossing between Cattura and the Timor Hybrid) form a high-quality, fine coffee with notes of aromatic herbs, sultanas, dark chocolate, tobacco and caramel, with a medium to dense body. This is a classic flavour profile for coffees of this region in East Timor. 

The hand-picked coffee is grown sustainably and in the shade in East Timor. The coffee farmers do not use pesticides or fertilisers, just as their ancestors did. This coffee has been washed and aerobically (naturally) fermented. 

The darker roast Full City provides an intense flavour and it fully develops its typical flavours as espresso. 

We roast our coffees gently and aromatically in the drum. Thanks to this gentle and longer roasting, our coffees have a lower acidity than industrially roasted coffees.

Roast degree: Full City
Intensity: 9 (1-10)

More details, also about our label symbols, here on our East Timor coffee page

Recommended preparation methods
We recommend this coffee with the darker roast as espresso coffee. 


This coffee is also available with a roast for filter coffee! 

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📦 Shipping costs: For shipping we charge the current costs of CTT - Portuguese Post. 

Note: The 350g variant remains below the postal limit of 500g incl. packaging material! 

Price per coffee*: 24 cents
(*Related to 250g bags and espressos with 7g)

 ⚖ Preço por quilo: At 250g: 33,60 €. At 350g: 33,71 €. At 500g: 32,60 €. 


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