Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
Personalised Coffee
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Personalised Coffee

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The Personalised Coffee
THE inventive gift idea: Personalise your coffee and decide what should be printed on the label! Make someone happy with this special gift, e.g. for a birthday, before or after an exam, for a name day, an anniversary, a farewell or simply as a nice surprise. You can see examples here on the left on the sample images, or also further down this page.

How it works

  1. The Label: Simply enter the text you want in the Textbox above (2 lines, max. 65 characters, with spaces) - we'll do the rest! The font size will be adjusted to the length of the text, only black and white is possible.
  2. The Coffee: Select a coffee from our Specialty Coffees, either an espresso, a filter coffee or a "multi-talent". At the bottom of the page you can find an overview of the selectable coffees. Then determine the package size and the desired grinding. 

Possible Special Occasions 
... a birthday
... before an exam 
... a name day
... New Year's wishes
... for a speedy recovery from illness or after an operation
... for a wedding anniversary or any other anniversary
... whatever comes to your mind
... or simply as a nice surprise


  • Birthday coffee for Emily! 
  • Good luck for Olivia on her exam!
  • For George - with congratulations on passing his exams!
  • Harry's Coffee!
  • Maria - the name day coffee
  • Happy New Year to Jack and Nancy!


  • My hugs for your mugs!
  • Coffee, sponsored by Oscar.
  • Coffee for Leo: Expresso yourself! 
  • ...or other sayings, such as can be found on Pinterest...

Overview of the selectable specialty coffees under "Type of coffee"

  • Literary Coffee: Our well-balanced blend of 80% Arabica (Brazil and Colombia) and 20% Robusta. 

Filter coffees

  • Colômbia: A fine, aromatic and complex Arabica coffee from the highlands of Colombia. Our Single Origin, or Farm Coffee is a true "high-delight"! 
  • Kaldi: A racy Arabica from the coffee's country of origin, a so-called heirloom (= wild-growing, indigenous variety).


  • Ritual: A 50/50 Arabica blend from Brazil (natural) and Colombia (washed), combining these two coffee worlds. For your coffee Ritual! 
  • Monsooned Malabar: Our low-acid Arabica that owes its special character to the monsoon climate in India. The best coffee for a sensitive stomach, very good-natured in the various preparation methods!

If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help: E-mail to Café Aroma

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📦 Shipping costs: For shipping we charge the current costs of CTT - Portuguese Post.  

Note: The 350g variant remains below the postal limit of 500g incl. packaging material! 


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