Monsooned Malabar
Monsooned Malabar
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Monsooned Malabar

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This low-acid coffee from south-west India owes its exuberant character to the monsoon climate. It is full-bodied and has aromatic notes of dried fruit and light dark chocolate, with a fine, smooth flavour.

The best coffee for a sensitive stomach!

Monsooned Malabar is a specialty coffee, as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). The term "preparation: monsooned" refers to a special process in which the coffee is exposed to the hot, humid monsoon winds for weeks after harvest.

The arabica varieties used for Malabar Monsooned are called Kent, S.795, Catimor and Selection 9. These are excellent arabica varieties, typically used in India for the "A" or "AA" grade.

Special characteristics and history
In the monsooning process, the coffee is exposed to the hot, humid monsoon winds for several days after harvest. For more information on the origin of the monsooning process, how it works and how the coffee arrived in India, see our Monsooned Malabar coffee page.

The label: The elephant in India
In Hindu culture and mythology, elephants are considered sacred symbols of peace, strength and spiritual power, removers of obstacles and bearers of prosperity, happiness, wisdom, memory and vitality. More details on our Monsooned Malabar coffee page.

Recommended preparation methods
The Monsooned Malabar is very versatile in terms of preparation methods. It makes excellent coffee both with an espresso machine and with other methods: French Press, filter coffee, Moka Express and, of course, with the automatic coffee machine.


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