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All roads lead to Aroma! ☕
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Café Aroma - Lisbon Coffee Roasters

  About us | Our Roasting PhilosophyThe Roaster | The FounderMission Statement 


About Us
Café Aroma is a small, artisan roastery of specialty coffee in the heart of Lisbon that was established in early 2021. Due to the pandemic, our coffee is only sold online and at weekly outdoor markets in Lisbon. 

Our Roasting Philosophy
We believe that roasting coffee is a craft and coffee professionals and enthusiasts are craftspeople. That's why we see our coffee as craft coffee instead of "third-wave coffee".

We roast our coffees neither too light nor too dark – always between the first and the second crack. In coffee jargon, our preferred roast degrees are called City+ and Full City, for our espresso coffees. This is how we optimally balance our coffees between pleasant acidity, maximum aroma, accentuated body and a persistent aftertaste. Our prolonged roasting in the drum roaster minimises chlorogenic acid, making our coffee particularly aromatic and also stomach-friendly.

Our range of coffees always includes the “Monsooned Malabar“ coffee from India, which is particularly low in acidity, stomach-friendly and mild, but still pleasantly aromatic, due to its long fermentation process. From Ethiopia we try to obtain the particularly spicy, original wild coffee from the Kaffa region, but at least heirloom varieties from that region which descend directly from the original Arabica plant.

Furthermore, we try to buy fair trade coffee, and good quality is very important to us:
• best or special coffee growing areas and fine Arabica varieties
• if possible, coffee grown at medium to high altitude, where the best Arabica coffees grow
• care in cultivation, harvesting and further processing (natural, washed and semi-washed )
• good Canephora coffee (Robusta) from India for our blends



The Roaster
At the heart of our roastery is a Coffee-Tech roaster from Israel: the Torrefattore FZ-94. This unique machine gives the user complete control over the roasting process and guarantees excellent roasting quality. The FZ-94 uses several roasting methods, such as conduction, convection and radiation (infrared) - at the same time and in the same drum. The speed controls for the drum and the  ventilation fan allow us to make even minute adjustments to the roasting profile.

Torrefattore FZ-95 da empresa Coffee-Tech
Torrefattore FZ-95 with Avirnaki (smoke elimination system) a Coffee-Tech Roaster



Café Aroma - Mahlkönig EK43
Our professional coffee grinder: Mahlkönig EK43. Outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste.






The Founder
Jochen Weber - Café Aroma

My name is Jochen Weber. I am from Stuttgart, Germany, and have been living in Lisbon with my wife since the end of 2019. For years I have been passionate about coffee and I have strived to learn as much as possible about the theory and practice of the entire process: from production to classification, cupping, roasting and preparation (see below “Coffee Skills“).

I could already visit some of the best coffee-growing countries in the so-called “coffee belt“: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, São Tomé & Príncipe, Sri Lanka and Vietnam..

In addition to coffee, photography (www.foto-grafo.de) and travelling, books are my great passion. That's why you will always find book recommendations here – and books in our future shop (“Happiness is a good book and an aromatic cup of coffee“).

"Coffee Skills"
• Classificação e Degustação de Café
  Centro de Preparação de Café, São Paulo 
• SCAE - Barista Skills Foundation
  European Bartender School, Roma 
• Coffee Roasting Diploma
  Fa. Kaffeekult, Stendal 
• Cupping & Sensorik Advanced
  Berlin School of Coffee, Berlin 
• Seasonal Drinks & Latte Art / Individual Roasting
  Berlin School of Coffee, Berlin 
• SCA - Green Coffee / Café Verde
  Academia do Café, Lisboa 
• SCA - Roasting / Torra
  Academia do Café, Lisboa 

Book Publications (available in German Language only)
• Zu Besuch beim Kaffee. Kaffee in Brasilien. Anbau - Verarbeitung - Geschichte
  BoD-Verlag, Norderstedt  | ISBN: 987-3-7386-3311-5
• Reisefotografie erleben. Menschen - Szenen - Geschichten
  dpunkt.verlag, Heidelberg  | ISBN: 978-3-86490-250-5
• Zu Besuch beim Kakao. Kakao in Brasilien. Anbau - Verarbeitung - Geschichte
  BoD-Verlag, Norderstedt  | ISBN: 987-3-7412-1368-7



Mission Statement
Our focus are our customers, and our goal is attentive, friendly and fast service and delivery. We want to provide an honest product at fair prices, and we embrace responsible ethics.

When it comes to coffee, the top priority and the most important piece of advice that we can give our customers is: freshness! Above all, coffee should always be freshly ground directly before preparation. A good coffee grinder is an important utensil at home.

In addition, we find it important to buy, trade and operate sustainably and in an eco-friendly way. Our kraft paper packaging is deliberately aluminium-free and environmentally friendly. 

Enjoy your coffee!