100% B!CA
100% B!CA
Café Aroma, Lisboa

100% B!CA

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Café Aroma - PingadoA typical good Portuguese espresso for all its variants.

The basis of all known espresso drinks!
(An espresso is called a "bica" in southern Portugal, especially in Lisbon)

Both the classic blend with a moderate Robusta coffee content and medium-dark roasting produce a good typical Portuguese espresso for all its variants: Let our label inspire you! 

Blend of 40% Arabica from Brazil, 40% Arabica from Colombia, 20% Robusta from India
Specialty coffee (coffees with 80 points and more in the SCA classification)

These coffees combine pleasant sweetness, light acidity and a persistent body with a layer of crema and a good caffeine content. We roast our coffees gently and aromatically in the drum. Thanks to this gentle and longer roasting process, our coffees have a lower acidity than industrially roasted coffees.

Roast degree: City+
Intensity: 8 (1-10)

Here you will find information on the preparation methods as shown on the label: Product page 100% B!CA


Preparation methods:

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📦 Shipping costs: For shipping we charge the current costs of CTT - Portuguese Post. 

Note: The 350g variant remains below the postal limit of 500g incl. packaging material! 

Price per coffee*: 22 cents
(*Related to 250g bags and espressos with 7g)

Price per kg: At 250g: 31,20€. At 350g: 31,14€. At 500g: 30,20€. 

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