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All roads lead to Aroma! ☕
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Coffee Box
Coffee Box
Café Aroma - Lisbon Coffee Roasters

Coffee Box

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Our sustainable coffee box: lightproof, airtight, durable, beautiful and practical! Avoid waste and save coffee bags and labels (front and back)!

You can select this box either empty, or filled with our Colômbia coffee in whole grain (250g or 500g). Super hygienic: the inside of the box is lined with a bag of freshness.

Box description:

  • Tinned steel, paint (hand wash only)
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 196g
  • Base: Box "Blomning" by Ikea

- Empty box: weight with packaging: 340g
- Box with 250g of coffee: weight with packaging: 590g
- Box with 500g of coffee: weight with packaging: 840g

Coffee description:
Our Single Origin, or Farm Coffee, from the highlands of Colombia, from the famous farm "La Manuela". It is a pleasure of fine, aromatic and complex coffee: it has a high sweetness, a juicy body and notes of tropical fruits and chocolate.

100% Arabica from Colombia
Specialty coffee (coffees with 80 points and more in the SCA classification)

  • Variety: Castillo
  • Processing: washed and dried in the sun
  • Grade: Supreme, screen 18
  • Altitude: 1,960 meters
  • Body: Juicy

We roast our coffee carefully and aromatically in the drum. Thanks to a smooth and prolonged roasting, our coffees have a lower acidity content than industrially roasted coffees.

Degree of roasting: City / City +
Intensity: 7 (1-10)

Preparation methods:

- - - 
📦 Shipping costs: For shipping we charge the current costs of CTT. 

 Price per coffee *: 20 cents
(*Related to 250g and for espresso with 7g)

⚖ Price per kilo: to 250g: € 29.20. To 500g: € 28.60. 

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