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Kaldi is an intense and complex Ethiopian coffee from Kaffa, the region where coffee originated. The Arabica variety is a heirloom - a term that refers to native varieties, most of which can still be found growing wild in the forests. This coffee is full-bodied and has a slight peach and lemon flavour, with floral and chocolate notes, and a pleasant aftertaste.

The coffee

  • 100% Arabica from Ethiopia - speciality coffee
  • Region: Kaffa, Limu
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Processing: washed
  • Grade: 2, picked and sorted by hand
  • Altitude: 1,500 - 1,850 metres

We roast our coffees carefully and aromatically in the drum. Thanks to gentle and prolonged roasting, our coffees have a lower acidity content than industrially roasted coffees.

  • Roasting degree: City+/+
  • Intensity: 8-9 (1-10)
  • For all types of preparation.

As the "motherland of coffee", Ethiopia is home to the oldest coffee culture in the world. Ethiopians have been drinking coffee longer and more consistently than anyone else on our planet. Even the legend of Kaldi, the shepherd boy who allegedly discovered the power of the coffee fruit, also takes place in Ethiopia, in the Kaffa region.

 Cerimónia do café etíope

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

On our coffee page you'll find much more information about this coffee and coffee culture in Ethiopia in general: Link to our Kaldi coffee page


Preparation methods:


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