Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)
Café Aroma, Lisboa

Melitta - Coffee Grinder Calibra® (with integrated scale)

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With precision to the perfect flavour
‎When making coffee, freshness and the right quantities are important. With the Melitta Calibra®, our first electric coffee grinder with integrated scale, you can grind fresh coffee that is measured precisely to the gramme. For aromatic coffee - just the way you like it.

Tested at its best!
The German online test portal " Technology at Home" subjected the Melitta Calibra® to an extensive practical test. With an overall grade of "very good", the Calibra® achieved the best possible rating. "According to our measurements, the Melitta Calibra lives up to its name. [...] The coffee grinder was convincing in all tested grinding stages - even in the finest one - and this is the biggest challenge for most grinders", said the test editors.


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

Professional steel cone grinder
‎The heart of the Calibra® is a durable steel cone grinder. It grinds precisely and evenly.


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

Integrated digital scale for grinding accurately to the gramme‎
‎An innovative highlight of the Calibra® is the integrated digital scale. Thanks to this scale you can grind your coffee accurately to the gramme. 


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

39 variable grind settings
You can individually adjust the grind setting according to how you make your coffee. There are 39 variable grind settings from coarse to fine. For the preparation of espresso, a finer grind setting (level 1-5) is recommended. If you love filter coffee, you can choose a grind setting in the middle range (level 6-26). For making coffee with a cafetière, we recommend a coarser grind setting (level 27-39).


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

Variable use
‎Melitta has designed the Calibra® so that you can also grind directly into various coffee makers. Thanks to the built-in tare button with zero setting feature and the high ground coffee outlet, it is possible to grind directly and conveniently into a Melitta® 1x4® coffee filter. Alternatively, you can also grind directly into a porta filter.


Melitta - Moinhos de Café‎Select from three individual grind programmes
‎The Calibra® offers three different grind programmes. For all those who like it easy, we recommend automatically grinding the right quantity for one or more cups of coffee (grind programme 'Number of cups'). If you know exactly how much coffee you need so that your coffee tastes best, you can select the grind programme that is accurate to the gramme ('Weight' grind programme). Alternatively, you can regulate the amount of coffee manually with the grinding time ('Manual' grind programme). 


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

User-friendly operating panel with display
‎It goes without saying: The various grinding programmes and their settings are easy to select using the inclined control panel with LCD display.

Melitta - Moinhos de Café

Precise dispensing of ground coffee
The silicone ring on the ground coffee outlet ensures the ground coffee is dispensed in a controlled manner. This guarantees that the ground coffee ends up safely in the collection container.


Melitta - Moinhos de Café‎Removable bean container
‎You can fill the bean container with up to 375g of coffee beans. It is easy to remove for cleaning.

Melitta - Moinhos de Café

Removable coffee container 
‎The coffee collection container has a capacity of up to 200g and is removable.


Melitta - Moinhos de Café

‎Easy to clean
‎The coffee bean and ground coffee collection containers as well as the grinder ring can be removed for cleaning. The supplied cleaning brush makes cleaning easier.

Melitta - Moinhos de CaféLast settings are saved
‎You know what you want, and you usually need it fast? Calibra® saves your last settings, even after unplugging the power cable.

Modern design with many stainless steel elements
‎An appliance that can do so much should also look good. The Calibra® is a real eye-catcher thanks to its modern design and many high-quality stainless steel elements.

Calibra® Video on Youtube

More information

  • Bean container capacity: 375g
  • Coffee container capacity: 200g
  • Integrated digital scale: yes
  • Display: yes
  • Precision adjustment: yes
  • Grind programs: weight, manual, number of cups
  • Grinding system: steel cone grinder
  • Removable containers: yes
  • Basic color: black
  • Grinding directly into the filter / filter holder: yes
  • Stainless steel elements: yes
  • Save last settings: yes
  • Cleaning brush included: yes
  • Dishwasher safe elements: yes
  • Security Lock: Yes
  • Dimensions: 37.4 x 12.0 x 22.7 cm (h x w x d)
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 160W
  • Weight: 2,370kg

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