Sabor do Brasil
Sabor do Brasil
Café Aroma, Lisboa

Sabor do Brasil

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Café Aroma - Sabor do Brasil

With a pleasant brazilian sweetness. A multi-talent for all preparation methods!

The flavour of Brazil, the largest coffee producer in the world.

A blend of different Arabica coffees with the designation of origin "Santos", which originate from the hinterland, i.e. from Mogiana, São Paulo and Sul de Minas. An overview of the Brazilian growing regions can be found here on the website

Blend of 100% Arabicas from Brazil, Santos
Specialty coffee (coffees with 80 points and more in the SCA classification)

This coffee is soft, with a slight acidity, a chocolate aroma and a pleasant sweetness. We roast our coffees gently and aromatically in the drum. Thanks to this gentle and longer roasting, our coffees have a lower acidity than industrially roasted coffees.

Roast degree: City+
Intensity: 7 (1-10)

Here you can find detailed information on the the coffee producing regions in Brazil: Sabor do Brasil product page

Preparation methods:


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Price per coffee*: 21 cents
(*Related to 250g bags and espressos with 7g)

Price per kg: At 250g: 29,60€. At 350g: 29,43€. At 500g: 28,60€


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